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The brand holder of msCOAL and the holding company was established back in 2007 after realizing that we can better contribute to the benefit of coal producers and buyers if we can share our strength in all levels of coal production. Focusing on coal trading, one of its core functions is to consolidate various coal resources available in various parts of Indonesia, mainly in Central and South Kalimantan, to ensure continuity of msCOAL supply through beneficial partnerships.

As the mining unit of the group. PT Sinomast Mining through its concession in North Barito help ensure the supply of msCOAL's output, expected to reach up to 2 million tons per annum this year and jump to 3 million tons per annum in 2013. Established back in 2005, Sinomast is but an essential part of msCOAL in its vision to become an integrated logistic solution provider in Central Kalimantan.

The mining contractor unit of the group is specifically established to handle the operation of its consolidated coal resources, as well as aiding Central Kalimantan coal miners who are in short of key infrastructures and men-power in sustaining their production. Its core function is to secure quality as well as quantity of output to better comply with increasing coal demand.

Established as the operator of Timbau Intermediate Stockpile Port, the subsidiary is now the key operator of all ports operated by the group, specifically in charged of managing the group's coal stockpiling, loading and unloading. Borneo Bandar Segara is in for a thriving year ahead as it plans to undergone further expansion of Timbau Port in the 24 ha port area with additional conveyor jetties and automatic blending technology to cater to bigger coal stockpiling capacity.

As the dedicated barge management unit of the group, the role of Bintang Caturkarsa Lines is vital in sustaining the group's operation in Indonesia. Through mutual beneficial partnerships with local barge operators, the company has won the heart of local business players who have now become extended parts of the group. This will in addition guarantee the group's in schedule delivery and accessible output quantity.

A joint venture concession company of msCOAL, Pada Idi holds the licencesfor three mining concessions in Central Kalimantan, which along with Sinomast as integrated mining units, are expected to contribute up to 50 percent of the whole msCOAL output per annum.